About us

Our journey started with the ‘Learn Together, Make Together’ motto in 2019 in London. Embracing the reality of having limited power as one person, we wanted to create a synergy by working together.
We believe when two people work together for the same goal, it does not double its impact, rather it has an impact of 11 people. 1111 academy basically embraces that philosophy.
Eleven Eleven Academy
We at Eleven Eleven Academy are highly motivated to contribute to the development of people who have diverse backgrounds different skill sets, and areas of interest.
We as enthusiastic volunteers teamed up to provide Online English Language Courses, Teacher Training Courses, IT Courses, and Health Professional Career Courses to share our knowledge and experience, training, mentorship, and recruitment Our ever-growing Eleven Eleven Academy started its journey with just 4 volunteer teachers and 27 students. Now the journey continues with 56 teachers from 9 countries and 4 continents. Mostly from the UK, our academy reached out and touched over 600 participants’ lives.

Certification compatibility and Opportunites


You have achieved great heights both professionally and academically in various countries. No matter where you came from, you can pursue your career here in the UK. There is a prerequisite that depends on the city, county, etc. We are here to help with all of this and will save you a significant amount of time. We are conducting training online and matching people who already working as professionals in the UK and the ones who are willing to work and socially integrate in the UK. .
Even though there are numerous advantages to continuing your career in the same field, you may not want to turn a blind eye to completely new opportunities. ElevenEleven Academy shares its knowledge with you in this regard and helps you to find the correct path.
ElevenEleven Academy expects you to be self-aware of your strengths. You have overcome many obstacles in the past. You have the drive to overcome the new ones..